" When I draw, I tap into energy, 

vibration and sound" 

What do you feel when you look at this image?

( Galactic-Earth Portal  )

Multi-Dimensional Art

The Art of deep feeling and inner perception; opening doorways to other dimensions of consciousness within yourself.

A small selection of drawings, paintings and commissions.......

 I Am Water Portal

Made while travelling through New Zealand in connection with the rivers, glaciers, lakes and the sea.

(Canvas, pencil, pigments, fine liners,)

 (detail) I Am Water Portal

Primal Aboriginal -Dreamtime Code

The Dream-Time runs through the Earth, through our veins, into the Cosmos.

(Made with water colour, fine liners and Amber)

(detail) Primal Aboriginal -Dreamtime Code

 Infinite Fluid Consciousness -Portal

(Made on canvas with pigments, gold leaf, fine liners, pencil and gel pen, with a recycled wood frame)

(detail) Infinite Fluid Consciousness -Portal

Elemental Sound Template

(Made on canvas with acrylic paint and soft pastel)


(Made with soft pastels)

Whale Eye Am


( Made on canvas with pigments, gold leaf, fine liners, gold pen 
and NZ Paua Shell. 
Wood lasered panel with clay, crystals and Labradorite).

(detail) Whale Eye Am Portal

Hybrid Children

Made for a client with Reading
(Water colour, gold leaf, gold pen, fine liners)

Yayhel Guide

Guide Drawing made for a client
(Watercolour and fine liners)

Prime Mother -Portal


(Made on layers of paper with water colour, pen, goldtip and NZ Paua Shell)

Star World- Portal

(Made on canvas with watercolour, pigments, gold leaf, fineliners, Magpie Feathers and Crystals)

Water Creation-Dragon


(Made on canvas with acrylic paints, fine liners, pencil, Amber and Obsidian Crystal)

The Heart of the Wood
The purest spark of Being within us,
held by our inner growth towards the Light.

(Water colour paints, fine liners, pencil, NZ paua shell and wood)

Other-Worldly Landscape


(Made on canvas with oil paint and fine liners)

Encoded Soul Drawing

(Made for a client with water colour, pen, pencil and gold pen)

High Elemental

(Made with water colour and fine liners)

Arcturis Activation

Download for a client
(Made on wood canvas board with gold leaf, fine liners, pencil and gold pen)

Ancient Plant Medicine Sigil (Mother Ayahuasca)

Made for a client with Reading

(Wood canvas board, gold leaf, fine liner and pigments)

Primal Sound Code

(Water colour and fine liners)

Essassani Guide

Made for a client with Reading
(Artists paper, water colour, fine liner, gold pen and gel ink)

Iona Sound Portal


(Made on wood canvas board, with pigments, gold leaf, fine liners and pencil. With Iona Greenstone and Sea Glas)

(detail) Iona Sound Portal

Silent Space -Portal of Infinite Consiousness
We are ALL unique fractals of the ONE.

(Made with acrylic and fine liner)

Sound Template

(Water colour and fine liners)

Whale Activation (sketch)

(Water colour, gold pen and fine liners)

Pole Reversal

(Made on wood canvas board with water colour, pigments, fine liners, 
silver leaf and gold  pen)

Cosmic Humpback

Guide Drawing made for a client.
(Water colour, fine liners and gel pen)

More Energy Art