Commissioned Energy Art

Commissioned Energy Art
It is my greatest passion to create powerful, high vibratory works of art that help you turn inward, help you to meditate or to create a harmonious atmosphere.

My Artworks and Portals also invite you to open your own sensitivity and clairvoyance as in addition to our 5 senses, we also have multi-dimensional senses of perception. These are the perceptual organs of your body: your Body Consciousness.

My handmade artworks are Energetic Portals that mirror, activate and open your own Multidimensional Consciousness and qualities.

I make:

  • Commissioned Energy Portals
  • Energy Altarpieces for Yoga, Therapy and Spiritual Spaces
  • Hand made Guide Drawings

And I give:

  • Multi-Dimensional Readings
  • Landscape Readings
  • Personal Guide Readings
  • Energetic Business Constellations

The energy artwork above is called
Extraterrestrial Landscape . This artwork has been sold as a commissioned private altar piece.