Energy Portals

"   When I draw, I tap into Energy, Frequency and Sound   "

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Whale Eye Am

(Whale Consciousness Portal )
The Whale Eye Am is a symbol for the One Divine I Am,
looking through all our eyes.

(Canvas, pigments, gold leaf, fineliners, Labradorite Crystal, Clear Quartz Crystal, Aquamarine Crystal, River Clay and NZ Paua Shell)


Detail-  Whale Eye Am Portal


Love Frequency-Sound Portal

Christ-Aligned Template

(Pigments, fine liners, gold pen and Phi Vogel Crystal)

Sirius Sound Portaal 

Made after swimming with wild dolphins in Hawaii. 
This is a Sound Portal, a channelled communication with the dolphins 
and the water. The vibration of Sirius.

(2 layers on wood, pigments, fineliners, gold leaf, Clear Crystal Quartz, Apofylite Crystal)

Detail- Sirius Sound Portaal 

Detail-  Sirius Sound Portaal 

Cosmic Fluid-Consciousness

(Canvas, wood and pine frame, pigments, fine liners,
gold leaf en 4 Herkimer Diamonds).

Detail- Cosmic Fluid Consciousness

Elemental Light Portal
Portal to and through the Elemental Kingdom.

(Canvas, pigments, acrylic paint, fine liners, wood, Herkimer Crystal, gel paint, with inbuilt led lights).

 Elemental Light Portal

In the dark

Elemental Light Portal 
In the light

Andromeda-Earth Portal

Ancient Aboriginal activation and
energetic Dream-Time Download.

(Silver Birch bark, wood board, canvas, earth pigments, fine liners, 
NZ Paua Shell, Aquamarine Crystals and 
Australian Pauw-Pauw fronds)

Cosmic Earth Portal

A communication from the Galactic Centre: a symbol of the connection
between our Earthly and Star Origins.

  (Canvas, wood, acrylic paints, pigments, Amber, Moonstone
and Clear Crystal Quartz)


Side view-  Cosmic Earth Portal


Cosmic Earth Portal - as Devotive Altar


Whale-Earth Kundalini- Portal

 A Light Language message of Love:
the Love of the Kundalini (vertical) and the Whale Eye(horizontal)
the centre of Mother Earth Gaia.

(Canvas, pigments, gold leaf, fine liners, Herkimer Diamonds gold pen)


I Am Water Portal

Made whilst travelling through New Zealand, in communication
with the waters: the rivers, lakes, streams, glaciers and the sea.

The Grid in this Portal is layered and inlayed with Master Crystals.

(Canvas, pigments, fine liners, pencil)

Into the HeArt of the Wood

(Willow Branches, Cherry Bark, gold cardboard, fine liners 
and NZ Paua Shell)

Star World Portal

One of the morphing Portals which later became part of the Eye Am Template Portal.

(Canvas, pigments, gold leaf, fine liners, crystals)

Dream Time Source-Code

An ancient Aboriginal download: the Prime Source Codes
within the land and waters originating back to Gondwanaland.

(Silver Birch Bark, Willow Branches, wooden canvas, fineliners, 
water colour paint, NZ Greenstone and Amber).

Iona Sound Template

Made after my journey to the Druid Island of Iona in the Scottish Hebrides.

(Canvas board, fine liners, pigments, gold leaf, Iona Greenstone, willow bark and branches, with dried blossoms).


Tree Talk

The energetic communication of a tree in a field. 

(Bark, canvas, oil paints)

Arcturis Light Portaal

A portal and signature frequency of an Arcturian Light- Ship (spaceship).
Can you feel the frequency? What do you feel?

(Canvas, pigments, pencils, gold leaf, Clear Quartz Crystal and Green Agate) 

Side view- Arcturis Light Portal


Energy Portals activate your Inner Body Consciousness.

These subtly layered Portals invite you to go beyond your 5 senses:
to perceive and fill your body with your conscious awareness,
to anchor your Light.