Personal Guide Drawing

~   Your Guides are Higher Aspects of your own
Multi-Dimensional Consciousness   ~

Your Guide(s)

A Personal Guide Drawing is an attunement to your Signature Frequency: the Purest Primal Light within you.

When I tune into your energy field I receive holographic information in colours, geometric patterns, Light Language, sounds and images. 

This non-verbal message which is translated to and through an image, comes from a specific Guide or Collective Consciousness which is working with you; activating your consciousness. 
These are Higher Aspects of your Multi-Dimensional Awareness, which you are once again beginning to remember.

The Image

The visual image that comes through helps you to remember your deep Knowing. 

It helps you to open up to expanded possibilities and to activate new pathways in your perception.

Commissioning a Guide Drawing is a unfolding inner process which nudges you to connect with your Guides on a daily basis.
This holographic image is a mirror and a reminder of the beautiful, infinite Multi-Dimensional qualities of your Soul. Hanging or placing it in your home will change your perspective on and your relationship with yourself.

How I work

A Guide Drawing is made in tune with the PRESENT moment, with your PRESENT inner process.
This process begins to unfold as soon as I make contact with your Higher Self and Guides.

Because the drawing is built up in many energetic layers it can take 3-4 weeks to download and create. 

Please add on the time it takes to send overseas. Postage costs are not included in the prices.
Do inquire about postage costs when commissioning your Guide Drawing.

Commissioning your Guide Drawing

I make Guide Drawings on different kinds of material: on A3-paper, A5 paper and on painters canvas. 
The costs of a Guide Drawing are dependent on the size and the materials used to create it. The following prices are an indication:

  • Guide Drawing (A3 size paper)

     € 475,-

  • Guide Drawing on Professional Canvas (30x30) 

      € 650,-

  • Personal Reading          


* Postage costs not included

Gallery -Guide Drawings

Yahyel Guide

Guide Drawing made for a client.

(Layered painting with water colours and fine liners).

Atlantean Water Being

Guide Drawing made for a client

(Made with water colour paints, fine liners and pencil).

Cosmic Humpback

The Humpback traverses the fluid dimensions beyond time, 
a loving guardian to the Earth and guide to mankind.

Guide drawing made for a client

(Watercolours, gold pen and pencil).

Hybrid Children and their Master Guide

Guide Drawing with Reading made for a client

(Acrylic paint, pencil, watercolours gold leaf and gold pen).

 Creation Water Dragon

Guide painting

(Made on canvas with acrylic paints, gold leaf, fine liners and crystals).

Esassani Guide

Guide Drawing and Reading for a client

(Water colour, pencil, fine liners and gold pen).

Cassiopaea Guide

Guide Drawing with Reading

(Water colours, fine liners, pencils and Quartz Crystal)

Quantum-Frequency Field

Guide Drawing with Reading

(Water colour, fine liners, gold pen and crystals).