High~Frequency Energy Image

A Holographic, Energy Image 
of your unique Signature Frequency   ~

High~Frequency Energy Image

A High~Frequency Energy Image is a channelled  download and image of your unique Signature Frequency: 
of the Purest Primordial Light within.

When I tune into your energy field I receive holographic symbols, colours, geometric patterns, light language, images and sounds. 

This non-verbal, inner message in the form of a unique, subtly tuned and energetically layered image can help you on your path in realizing your Soul Mission on Earth. 

The Image

The visual image that comes through on canvas helps you to remember the All-Knowing You within and activates latent capabilities and talents unique only to you.

It is an inner image which helps your consciousness to expand.
An inner process which increases your frequency allowing you to realise your Soul Mission more and more in everyday life. This holographic image is a mirror and portal of the Infinite Multi-Dimensional aspects and qualities of your Soul.

How I work

Your Energy Image is made in co-creation with you, in tune with your unique Soul Imagery.
It is also an activation of what you Truly Are.

Because the image is built up in many energetic layers it will take around about 2-4 weeks to download and make. Your Soul Drawing unfolds organically with your inner process.
Before I start I will invite you for an Introductory Session, which is included in the price. This will help us to connect and for me to tune into your unique Signature Frequency.

Ordering your unique High~Frequency Energy Image

Your unique Energy Image is made on  professional artists paper or canvas which you can hang up or place on your altar or in your home or workplace.
The cost of a High~Frequency Energy Image is dependent on the size of the canvas and the materials used to bring it to life.
The prices below are an indication :

  • High~Frequency Energy Image on professional artists paper (A3 size)


  • High~Frequency Energy Image on Professional Canvas (30x30) 



  • High~Frequency Energy Image 

      on Professional Canvas 

      (30x30) including Personal Reading. 

      € 650,-

  • Large Professional Canvas (v.a.)  

      € 1100,-  

  • Personal Energy Reading 


* Do inquire about larger canvas sizes
* Postage costs are not included in the prices

High~Frequency Energy Image 

~ Gallery ~

Star Constellation Portal

Channelled Soul Origin of a client.

(Painters canvas met water colours, gold leaf, soft pastel, pigments, crystals and Magpie Feathers).

Channelled High~Frequency Energy Download

For a client

(Water Colours and fine liners)

Prime Mother (Ayahuasca)Template

Channelled Energy Image and Reading for a client

(Canvas board, water colours, pigments, gold leaf, fine liners,
soft pastel and Strass Crystals)

Cosmic Energy Image

For a client.

(Pastel pencils, pigments, fineliners, gold leaf and Strass Crystals))

Arcturis Light-Template
High~Frequency Energy Image and Reading made for a client
(photo:  Energy Vortex Bali.)

(Acrylic paint, pencil, water colour, pigments, gold leaf).

Cosmic-Earth Activation

(Pastel pencils, water colour, fine liners en gold pen).


High~Frequency Energy Image and Reading made for a client

(Canvas board, pigments, fine liners, 
water colours and Strass Crystals)

Energy Image Artist

(Canvas board, pigmenta,  pastel pencils, fine liners, gold leaf 
and NZ Paua Shell).

Holographic Pole Shift

(Canvas board, pigments,  pastel pencil, fine liners and gold leaf).

Prime Mother Energy Image

(Layered cardboard with fine liners, water colours, and NZ Paua Shell)

Holographic Energy Image

Channelled Soul Drawing made for an Incan Shaman

(Painters paper, water colours, fine liners and Strass Crystals))