Juliette van Aken

I have been clairvoyant since childhood. All during my life I have further developed the openness to other dimensions and layers of consciousness.

~ I grew up in Ghana, Zambia and New Zealand.
~ I am the mother of 2 very beautiful teenagers.
~ Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Auckland University in New Zealand and a Bachelor of Art Therapy in the Netherlands.
~ I have worked as a Therapist, Manager and Coach within the Health Service and Psychiatric Care.
~ I live in Holland, am self-employed running my own practice and art studio.

My work

I regularly follow the call to specific places in nature and in different countries to make contact with:  

  • ancient energy centres, 
  • ley lines and portals
  • still hidden doorways to the elemental worlds
  • the water, sea, lakes, brooks, moors and rivers
  • cosmic access nodes and parallel time lines
  • I am an avid meditator and connect with many terrestrial, angelic and extra-terrestrial guides
  • My art work and spiritual guidance comes from years of experience: through trial, error, falling down, standing up again, exploring and dismantling negative belief systems and learning to stand in Self-Love