I grew up in Ghana, Zambia and New Zealand.
I am the mother of 2 very beautiful teenagers.
Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and also as 
Art Therapist.
I have worked as a Therapist, Manager and Coach within the Health Services and Psychiatric Care.
I live in Holland, am self-employed running my own practice and art studio.

I regularily follow the call to specific places in nature and in different countries to make contact with:

  • ancient energy centres, 
  • leylines and portals
  • still hidden doorways to the elemental worlds
  • the water, sea, lakes, brooks, moors en rivers
  • cosmic access nodes and parrallel time lines

I have been clairvoyant since childhood. All during my life I have further developed the openness to other dimensions and layers of consciousness.

My intention

My intention and Soul's mission is to help you remember and activate who you truely Are.


The energetic connection we share is a beautiful 
Co-Creation contributing to the Highest Good of All.