- Blueprint Templates & Earth Art -

Iona- Sound Template

Kundalini Uluru

Galactic-Earth Template (sold)

Side view Galactic-Earth Template 

Gold Leaf and Crystals

Close-up Light Language Download

Arcturian Lightship Transmission

Close-up Arcturian Lightship Transmition

Star World

'' Source-Love Flows Effortlessly Through Me into the World. 
I Am Fully Aligned with What I Am ''

Home Planet (client)

Mother Ayauasca (for a client)

Star Gate Download

Light Language Energy Flow

So Above, So Below

Sirius-Egypt Portal

Infinite Universe (for a client)

Morning Star

Ancient Earth-Star Lineage


I Am- Water Merkaba

Galactic Federation


Sound Portal

Healing Earth Frequency

Earth-Andromeda Connection

Dolphin Speak

Primeval Feminine

Silent Space in Sacred Geometry

Kotuku- White Heron

Sirius Sound Template

Sirius Sound Template and Apofylite

Arcturian Lightship

Side-view Arcturian Lightship

- Guide Drawings -

Cosmic Humpback (for a client)

Mantis Guide

Encoded Client Drawing

Dragon Portal (for a client)

Hybrid Children and Ascended Master (for a client)

Blue Avian Guide

Cosmic Whale Communication

Playing around with the Dwarf

Cosmic Water Being (for a client)

Andromedan Guide

Yahyel Guide (for a client)


Casseiopea Guide (for a client)

Elf Angel

Sirius Guide

Essasani Guide (for a client)



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Artwork and Guide Drawings

Galactic Guide Drawing

When making an individual Galactic Guide Drawing I tune into your energy field. I do this by using your name and date of birth as a portal. In this way I am able to locate, contact and translate information that is uniquely connected to you

A Guide Drawing will open your consciousness to other dimensions and
to the Light Beings who are gladly willing to communicate, help and guide you.

Every Galactic Guide Drawing is different and expresses the individual Soul BluePrint or signature of the person in question. A Guide Drawing is an expression of the energy, symbols and information I receive when I tune into your current energy field. Not all Guides and/or Beings have a physical body and if they do this is often very different to our own human form. So sometimes a Guide will come through which you have never imagined or seen before. Never the less the unique energy frequency, codes and light language convey a message for you and help you to make contact with your multi-dimensional self.

As soon you request a Guide Drawing, I will ask you to send me a recent photo, your date of birth, your full name and your permission. Once I have received this information, which works as a unique vibrational focus point, I will tune in and channel an image. This can be a geometrical formation, the frequency signature of a Guide, a Light Language sequence or other form of visual communication. 

Galactic Guide Drawings are A4 format. Other sizes are available on request.

Galactic Guide Drawing: 

€ 273,- 



Galactic Guide Reading:                   

€ 175,-

Galactic Guide Drawing & Reading:         

€ 450,-


Commissioned Quantum Art Work

My Artworks are unique and subtly layered pieces of vibrational information. 

They communicate and work with your energy field and consciousness and act as an activator and portal to higher, multidimensional aspects of yourself. 

A personal Artwork is a reminder and a mirror of your true God Self.

Because I work with your Higher Self the image which comes through is attuned to your personal process. On requesting an Artwork, you will receive information about yourself through a visual-energetic image. Therefore, you need to trust the process and to receive the energy, activations and subtle non-physical information which come through.  In contrast to other artists I do not make Artwork within a set time or in production. The process of channeling and translating this holographic information into a 3D image is very subtle and subject to the right timing and configuration. 

A completed Artwork is a beautiful, multi-layered image
 of the Infinite You beyond polarity.

When making lager pieces on canvas or wood I will first arrange a Zoom Meeting with you to discuss what you want concerning size and the materials used (Crystals, Metal or Gold). You are also able to share your motivation for commissioning an artwork. This gives me the opportunity to start tuning into your energy field and to relay back information I receive concerning the image that wants to physicalize. 

A comissioned Quantum Art Work is a very personal,
 intimate and multi-dimensional
 source of communication with oneSelf.


Personal Follow-up Reading

It is often very beneficial to request an individual Reading after you have received your commissioned Quantum Artwork.
A Reading explains in detail what the Artwork channels and activates. It allows you to consciously integrate the energies working through the image within your consciousness. It helps you to take new steps in your life, to embrace limiting patterns and to allow your Higher Consciousness to flow more easily through your human body. 

If you are interested in a personal Reading please contact me.



Take Note:

* Guide Drawings are not inlaid with precious metals or crystals (unless requested).
* Completing a Guide Drawing usually takes about 3-4 weeks.
* Readings are usually completed within 2 weeks.
* Standard national or international postage costs are not included in the price.

* Please also note that my Readings and Art Work are NON-Refundable.
* Art Work and Readings may not be copied and distributed, used or sold online without my permission.


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Guide Drawing

If you would like to receive a personal Guide Drawing please email me your full name, date of birth and a recent photo. When I have received this from you I will send you a Pay Pal payment request. 
As soon as I have received this I will start to tune into your Guide Drawing.

Completion of your Guide Drawing will take 3-4 weeks.

Comissioned Blueprint Template

I will give an estimate of the price and global time of completion after our first Zoom meeting. 
The pricing for a larger Artwork is individually based on whether it is made on canvas or on wood, what the size and weight is, and which materials, precious metals, crystals or inlay are used. 

When sending an artwork nationally or internationally postage costs will be added.

Once I have started on the artwork, I will contact you if I feel there are energy blockages or specific attention points, I need to discuss to be able to continue. 

Your own personal process is very much linked to the way in which the Artwork unfolds.