An Animal Spirit Reading is a message
 from your Totem or Guide Animal .


A Crystal Reading is a personal download 
from Higher Light Realms.


Bringing in your Galactic Guides  
to assist and support you.



A Guide Drawing and Reading enhances the loving
 connection between you and your Guides.

Readings and Guide Drawings 

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Animal Spirit Reading

Animals are deeply connected to Mother Earth. They represent Master Qualities we all have within us. Animal Spirit Guides are often sent by your Higher Self to remind you of something, to provide insight or to offer advice. They are wise and knowing counselors. 

When I tune in to your energy field, I ask which Spirit Animals are present with you now.
I often get images, stories, symbols, questions and advice specifically tailored to you. 

A Reading activates and helps blocked energy to flow freely within your energy field and consciousness.

 An Animal Spirit Reading is a reminder that you are a Multi-Dimensional Being 

having a Human experience.

If you want to connect to your Spirit Guides and expand your awareness concerning your life situations or how to live your passion then an Animal Spirit Reading can uncover a new exiting world for you to step into.

Your name, date of birth, photo and your permission open a door to the information that wants to flow to you from the Light Realms.

You can submit 3 personal questions to your Guides or Higher Self before I begin your Guide Reading.

I will write out the Reading and email it to you within 2 weeks.

Animal Spirit Reading   € 133,-

Quantum Crystal Reading 

The timeless beauty, presence and consciousness Crystals emit and transmit, is mesmerising.Crystals act as an intermediary to our True Soul for all who interact with and love them.In ancient Atlantean and Lemurian eras, Crystals worked with humans to anchor the Terrestrial and Cosmic Grids of Light. 

Crystals conduct and transmit information from the Higher Light realms and the Quantum.

The Crystals of Mother Earth are helping us to reprogram and anchor 
our consciousness in the 5D fields and higher.

If you are in possession of a special Crystal or Crystal Skull, you can request a Crystal Reading.

You can submit 3 questions as part of your Crystal Reading and I will tune in for you.

I will write out the Reading and email it to you within 2 weeks.

Quantum Crystal Reading  € 133,-

Galactic Guide Reading

If you want to know more about your specific Galactic Origin you can request a Galactic Guide Reading.

I always tune in to your Higher Self first, receiving information about the Guides that are now present in your energetic field and are working with you.
These can be physical Earth Guides; such as animals, trees, birds, plants and water dwellers or
non-physical guides; such as elves, gnomes, aquatic beings, fairies, devas (Elementals) or
Extraterrestrial Guides and Angels from Higher Dimensions of the Quantum Field.

Even though we are people with an earthly life, we are more than this alone. We are always energetically connected to Higher Aspects of ourselves whether we are aware of it or not. Through clairvoyant feeling and knowing I am able to act as a bridge to your Higher Aspects (Guides) who are always ready to help and support you.

A Galactic Reading is extensive and transmits information as well as images, symbols, codes and energetic messages to you.

You can send me 3-5 specific questions so I can zoom in deeper on your Galactic Vibration and Origins.

A very enriching Reading to open new Quantum Doorways and Energetic Portals within yourself.
To step into your Multi-Dimensionality and anchor this on Earth.

Galactic Guide Reading   € 275, -

Galactic Reading and Guide Drawing

It is possible to order a Galactic Guide Reading and a drawing of your Guides. 

A Galactic Guide Drawing strengthens the energetic connection with your Guide(s) and increases your frequency. The Light Codes and Light Language in the drawing as wel as the Holographic information will help you to open and step further into your Multi-Dimensionality. 

A Galactic Guide Drawing emits a colorful and deep symbolic value to your life. 


Galactic Guide Drawing only (A4 size) 

€ 175,-

Galactic Guide Reading:

€ 275,-  

Galactic Guide Drawing & Reading        

€ 450,- 

* The prices above do not include national or international postage costs. These costs will be billed before postage.

* Please also note that my Readings and Art Work are NON-Refundable.
Art Work and Readings may not be copied and distributed, used or sold online without my permission.


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When I receive your request for a personal Guide Reading, Crystal Reading or Animal Totem Reading I will send you an email asking you to send me:

Your full name, date of birth, a recent photo and your permission for me to tune-in for you.

This also applies when you request a Guide Drawing.

* Guide Drawings do take longer to make, usually about 3-4 weeks depending how busy I am.

After I have received your personal information I will send you a payment link through Pay Pal.
As soon as your payent has been made I will begin making your Crystal Reading, Animal Spirit Reading and/or Guide Drawing.

Because I work via Automatic Writing it is not necessary to make a personal appointment.
I can easily atune remotely to your name, photo and date of birth.
When ordering a Crystal Reading I will ask you to mail me some photos of the Crystal or Crystal Skull.
 I aim to send you your Reading within 2 weeks.