Crystal Reading

What do your crystal(s)want to communicate to you?

In a Crystal Reading I tune into the energetic information coming through the crystal which is transmitted from your Purest Essence: your Higher Self.

Higher aspects of yourself such as Guides in the Animal Kingdom, Elemental Kingdom, in the Angelic Realms or Extra-Terrestrial dimensions can come through to work with and activate you.
Sometimes part of the Reading is a metaphorical story that includes many layers of information from parallel lives, this life and future possibilities including activating images and symbols.

The Reading also gives insights into beliefs and patterns that are still unconscious and are blocking you. By turning your attention to these unconscious patterns an open energy flow is created so that a Guide or Helper can speak directly to you, helping you to become aware of and release the blockage.

Awareness is the KEY to navigating your human life experience.

Based on a recent photo of yourself, your date of birth, your full name and 4 photos of your crystal, I receive holographic information through clairvoyant knowing and feeling and through my body awareness.
I receive information, images, sound, geometry, light language, questions and I connect with your current Guides and Helpers.

A Crystal Reading is a channelled energetic which comes through Automatic Writing.

Crystal Reading:    €210