" The only reason I can bring through your Guides,
 is because you are connected to them!  "

Your Guide(s)

When making a Guide Drawing I tune into your Signature Frequency, which is the Purest Primordial Light within you.
I often receive symbols, colours, geometric patterns, light language and images. 
This non-verbal message in the form of an image comes from a specific Guide or Collective Consciousness which is working with you and activating you.

The image

The visual image that comes through will help you to remember, open up and 
re-activate hidden knowledge within yourself.
This also raises your current frequency and supports you in connecting to your Guides in every day life; opening you up to the Infinite Multi-Dimensional qualities of your Over Soul.

How I work

A Guide Drawing takes approximately 3-4 weeks to manifest as it is made in atunement with your current inner, energetic proces. 
Depending on where you live
this can take an additional 5-7 days due to postage time.
Postage is not included in the prices. Please do enquire about the postage costs on requesting a Guide Drawing.

Ordering a Guide Drawing

I make Guide Drawings on different types of material: on A4 size paper, A3 size paper, on wood canvas and on painters canvas. The cost of a Guide Drawing is dependant on the size and materials used.
Prices below are an indication and start at:

  • A3 size artist paper  €175,-

  • A5 size artist paper  €195,-

  • Artists Canvas(min.)€ 285,-

  • Guide Drawing (A3) & Reading

                                          € 335,-

  • Reading                     € 155,-

* International postage costs not included