Online Reading

In an Online Reading I tune into your energy field and signature frequency.
This is the Purest Primordial Light within you.

This Reading provides insights into the unconscious aspects, patterns or beliefs that are blocking you.
The images, words, sounds, light forms and questions I receive are your own Soul Symbolism.

This is the Soul Symbolism of your Higher Self that can help you unlock negative patterns and ways of thinking.

The energetic information I receive in the form of specific questions and/or a message (in which I work as an energy translator) is the presence of your Higher Self working through You.

Your Higher Self wants nothing more than for you to find the answers inside:
for you to Know All, even though you may have forgotten this.
Other aspects of your Quantum Consciousness can also make themselves known and speak to you to connect. These can be the voices and sounds of the Angelic Worlds, the magic of the Elementals and Animals or the Universal Wisdom of your aspects Beyond Earth in other Star Dimensions.

This Reading is 1.5 hours long and is a 1 on 1 session held through Skpe or Zoom.

Online Reading:    €175,-